Bid Buddy


Bid Buddy is a bidding tool for online auctions and other incoming vehicles. Using Jim Counts Formulas Bid Buddy evaluates online inventory in a matter of seconds and recommends the vehicles you need most. Don’t buy vehicles that won’t compliment your existing parts inventory … make more money by buying the parts you need and turning them faster.Bid Buddy Info Sheet

Your best friend at a salvage auction!

The benefits include:

  • Check Out Our Quick New 5 Minute Video of Enhancements
  • NEW! added Vinmatch pro integration (with subrscription):
    New Estimated Mileage & Mileage History
    New Vin Decod/Build Sheet Data
    New Plate to Vin Lookup Tool
  • NEW! Bid Buddy now shows you Global Returns and shows every instance this VIN has been at auction. We have seen some vehicles auctioned more than 60 times, in multiple locations. A vehicle run this many times may need a closer look.
  • NEW! Auction images are integrated in Bid Buddy in the Bid Screen. Just hover over a part type and the images appear for quicker and easier damage selection.
  • Evaluates auction website inventory in seconds. Lists the vehicles by the highest degree of need so they will turn faster and avoid the duds.
  • Integrated Mathematical Formulas from Jim Counts give stock level and purchase recommendations for every Hollander Interchange Number based on your history, APU data and APPS partners.
  • Auction Parts & Pricing Service (APPS) shares your demand activity and parts prices with fellow recyclers to improve speed and accuracy of buying
  • Parts and pricing saved in Bid Buddy are passed into Inventory Buddy automatically when that VIN is loaded onto the Inventory Buddy.
  • Works on a Windows PC, tablet, or laptop with all the major inventory management systems.
  • APU Solutions Data – Evaluate with Actual Insurance Repair Data from Your Area. (Subscription Additional)
  • Comp Nine Total VIN Decoder – Manufacturer’s Build Sheets (Subscription Additional)

Software Works with

  • Hollander Powerlink
  • Pinnacle Pro
  • Checkmate Cache
  • Internet Connection Required for Installation & Support


$2000 For Use and Support Annually (Includes Updates)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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NEW VIDEO: Bid Buddy Version 7.0 Enhancements

Software Required:
Some IMS (Inventory Management systems) require Procomm Plus version 4.8 from Symantec to communicate with your IMS. (Powerlink and Pinnacle customers do NOT need this software).
Our software is deliverable via Download from this website or we can ship you a CD should you not have High Speed Internet access.Desktop Hardware Required:
One desktop PC workstation connected to your Inventory Management System using Procomm Plus (or just the Powerlink Client Software for Powerlink or Pinnacle) This workstation should be running Windows 11 or 10.