“I bought 6 cars today, thank you for a great product! My fees were a little off, so I need to review my settings, but other than that the tool is great!”
-Wille Azevedo, Pacific Auto Salvage, Inc., American Canyon, CA

“I wanted to say in writing how much I love my ‘Buddy’. I have been in the business for 8 years now. I had managed to get pretty fast at inventory on a printed hard copy of a carline, but when it came time to input it into the system, it could take me quite a while to enter just one carline (constant interruptions).

With the ‘Buddy’, all I have to do is sync it, hit a couple of keys, then I can walk off. I am able to get so much more work done.
In the Hollander version, the “notes” screen is absolutely THE BEST. I can type everything I want to say about a part right there while I am standing at the car, so there is nothing missed, saving time not only for myself, but for the sales staff as well. All around, it is just a time saver for everyone involved.”
– Loni Nielsen, Foster Auto Parts, Salem, Oregon

“Thanks for getting us setup and running with the Bid Buddy XL. We’re using it more and more and liking it a whole lot. It is making the whole process much easier and it’s amazing how much information you folks are making available in the palm of my hand.”
– Mike Farlow, Denton County Auto Salvage, Denton, TX

“Thanks for making our inventory much more efficient. With 5 locations, we used to be dozens of cars behind. Now, we aren’t even minutes behind and my guys are free to do other tasks. I should have listened to you months ago. Thanks again”
-Brian Perlenfein, B and R Auto Wrecking, Corvallis, Oregon

“The AI Inventory Buddy is like having sex, once you have it, you can’t go back to holding hands!”
-Donna Petrillo, Petrillo’s Auto Parts, New Haven, CT

“I loaded your upgrade last week and once again you guys have exceeded my expectations! I was hoping that you would have taken care of a few minor glitches with this upgrade, but instead you fixed the glitches and streamlined the inventory process even more than I ever dreamed of. After spending a couple of hours customizing the “Common Option Codes” and the “Parts List”, I almost don’t have to type anything anymore. I am especially grateful because the interchange descriptions for Mercedes-Benz are horrible. I am so impressed that I just placed an order with Dell for an AXIM X5 for my Florida Yard.”
-Marcel Heuver, General Manager, Potomac German Auto, Frederick, MD

“Mike, the AI Buddy is one cool little guy! I’ve been in the auto recycling business for over 15 years and this is the best inventory tool I’ve seen. Thanks again.”
-Tony Porreca, Kress Auto Recycling, Hazleton, PA

“We are doing very well with it. It has cut the time required to process a vehicle by 65 to 75 percent. This makes a great deal of difference considering there are days when we buy 20 to 30 cars. It used to take our inventory person 2 weeks to complete a heavy week’s purchases. Now they are always done within a few days.”
-Jennifer Hopper, Sonny’s Auto Salvage, AR

“By the way — we LOVE this thing, I stayed this weekend and got 22 cars input. Never been able to do that before and it is still new, wait til I get dialed on it.”
-Neil Anderson, Redding, CA

“This is the best setup since rubber tires.”
-Scott Downer, Anchor Auto Parts, Plaistow, NH