Inventory Buddy


New Features!

  • NEW! Inventory Buddy now checks RAS for Recalled Parts Automatically using the NSVRP Recall System
  • IAA Data Service ~ Filters Interchange Choices by VIN
  • URG Core Prices ~ URG Members Can See All Core Supplier Prices
  • Offline/Alternate Image Storage and Backup Options
  • Loose Parts Pictures ~ Take Pictures of Your Existing Inventory (Powerlink Only)
  • Loose Parts Auditing ~ Manage Your Existing Inventory by Location, Tag or Stock Number

Additional Features!

  • Inventory Buddy & Bid Buddy Integrated for Improved Data Sharing
  • Integrated Picture Handling in FDR to Automatically Import Pictures of Vehicles/Parts into Your YMS
  • Manage Cores from or
  • Comp Nine Total VIN Decoder ~ Manufacturer’s Build Sheets (Subscription Additional)

Shortens Your Time for Inventory Entry!

  • Works with all Major Inventory Management Systems
  • Paperless Inventory System with Virtually No Typing Required
  • Loose Parts Audit Allows You to Manage Your Existing Inventory
  • Inventory in the Palm of Your Hand!


  • $1,500 USD annually
  • 60 Day money back guarantee
  • Support, training, updates, and upgrades are included at no additional cost
  • Required tablet hardware is sold separately

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Technical Requirements

Supported Inventory Management Systems

  • Powerlink 2
  • Powerlink 3
  • Pinnacle Pro
  • Checkmate (DOS and cache)

Desktop Computer

  • One desktop PC, connected to your inventory management system
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7
  • We do not support Windows 10S, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
  • For Checkmate, Procomm Plus is also required


  • Windows 10 tablets only
  • Windows 10 S Mode must be disabled
  • We do not support Windows 8, Windows RT, iPad, or Android tablets

Other Requirements

  • Internet connection required for installation and support