Maintenance Status

Scheduled Maintenance Window:

Friday, December 22, 2023 at 11 PM EST thru Tuesday, December 26, 2023 at 6 AM EST.


Current Status:

12/25/2023 11:02 PM EST:  All maintenance has been completed.

12/25/2023 12:23 AM EST:  Most of our maintenance is now complete.  The auction data downloads are now running and should have all auction listings updated by noon.  (Auctoin data downloads have been paused since Friday night).  Merry Christmas!

12/24/2023 10:14 AM EST:  Our server is performing system updates and will be offline a couple times for reboots.

12/23/2023 11:19 AM EST:  The APPS database is online, but we are performing maintenance on it which will result in occasional slowdowns or lockouts.

12/23/2023 9:27 AM EST:  Database operations still in progress, APPS database still down, we apologize for the downtime in Bid Buddy.

12/23/2023 1:39 AM EST:  Database operations in progress, APPS database will be down for several hours.

12/23/2023 12:21 AM EST:  Database backup started.

12/19/2023 10:49 EST:  The maintenance has not started yet.