Core Buddy

  • Fully Integrated with Rebuilders Automotive Supply’s website to download accurate and guaranteed core prices.
  • Quickly and Easily see the core value before you pull the part.
  • Integrated VIN Decoding Automatically Filters Out Choices.
  • Automatically removes parts with low or no core value.
  • Maximize core value while reducing labor.
  • No Typing Required…All Simple Drop-Down Menus & Selection Tools.
  • Import Vehicles from a list for even simpler worksheet creation.
  • Works Independently of any Inventory Management System.
  • $750 for Core Buddy Software Use and Support Annually.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!.
  • Pocket PC Hardware Required and Sold Separately, we recommend the Socket SoMo 650
    [pictured] as its seen easily outdoors visit

Pocket PC Hardware required and Sold Separately, Visit