Bid Buddy XL Upgrade

The Powerful Upgrade Powered By Jim Counts Formulas!

The benifits include:
Power of Counts Consulting Formulas
Uses your sales history, not someone else’s to calculate your need for each individual part to fulfill your current customers demand
The Quick Count screen ranks parts on a vehicle to determine need and value quickly. You can determine in seconds if the car is not worth looking at.
Determine at a glance if a part is needed
Built-In VIN Decoding Automatically Filters Out Incorrect Interchange Applications
The Bid Buddy XL is the ONLY product on the market to utilize the latest Version, V3 of Jim Counts formulas. NO ONE can get them to you faster than Buddy Automotive Innovations!
The XL is an Upgrade Package to the Origianl Bid Buddy

Software Works with:
Hollander Yard Management System
Hollander Powerlink 1.x
Hollander Powerlink 2.x
Checkmate Cache (Windows) Systems
And Pinnacle
Internet connection needed for Installation & Support

$300 Upgrade For Use and Support Annually (Requires Bid Buddy)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Order Bid Buddy XL now!

Click here to view required hardware

Software Required:
All products require Procomm Plus version 4.8 from Symantec to communicate with your IMS (Inventory Management system). (Powerlink 2.x and Pinnacle customers do NOT need this software).
Our software is deliverable via Download from this website or we can ship you a CD should you not have High Speed Internet access.
Desktop Hardware Required:
One desktop PC workstation connected to your Inventory Management System using Procomm Plus (or just the Powerlink Client Software for Powerlink2.x or Pinnacle) This workstation should be running Windows 2000 or XP.
We do NOT support Windows 98 or Windows ME.
Handheld Hardware Required:
Customers wishing to run Bid Buddy on their Desktop PC and not their Pocket PC (PPC) do not need a handheld device.
A Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC or Windows Mobile 5.0 & 6.0 powered device with a 400 MHz processor and at least 64 MB RAM. We HIGHLY recommend the Socket Mobile SOMO 650m as this device is more ruggedized and made by a manufacturer with a great reputation in the mobile products market.
A 1 or 2 GB SD (Secure Digital) memory card is required for the Interchange Database.

Socket Mobile SoMo 650: – Highly Recommended!

Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium, 624 MHz Processor, 256 MB Flash ROM, 128 MB SDRAM, Integrated Bluetooth personal wireless technology, Both Compact Flash and Secure Digital (CF and SD) Expansion Memory Slots

Check out our partner, Cardinal Mobile, for more information about the SoMo 650m.

Cardinal Mobile Website

Socket Mobile Flash Video On SoMo 650m

Click here to view available accessories

Procomm Plus Ordering Information:
Procomm Plus Version 4.8 From Symantec
Shipped CD: (Cheapest we found!)
Online Download:

These accessories are NOT required, but just a few possibilities of available accessories.

Barcode Scanner
We have only found one scanner that will work thru the windshields of GM products.
It is available at BP Innovations Website:

FlyCam CF 1.3M With Flash Light